Chiffon, silk, & vintage leather

How beautiful those words sound together.



Vintage leather re-constructed and sewn into a fitted top aginst white silk chiffon with a silk/cotton blend lining. Designed and handmade by Sally Esposito.

The Trailblazer’s Dress.

*The left side of the dress looks a little crooked in this picture. However, please note that it is not crooked. There is a button on the side for adjusting the dress form which prevents it from lying flat. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Chiffon, silk, & vintage leather

  1. Hi Sally,

    I love all your designs….the vintage leather, chiffon and the black rose evening gown are fabulous.

    Is your linen peplum top still available? I think the style is perfect for Lauren and would love to surprise her with a Sally Esposito original for her birthday in September or Christmas. The lining in blue to match the large flower would be perfect with her blue eyes. I could ask Ben to measure something from her closet…just let me know all the measurements you need.

    Also, I would need to make sure Cat Losey hasn’t ordered the same top because the two couples see each other regularly and I wouldn’t want them to show up with the same outfit! I know you are busy planning your wedding and if you don’t have time for an order, please don’t hesitate to let me know….I certainly understand how busy you are.

    Thank you for including me on your updates! Wishing you and Jimmy the best as always…Sandy Crawford

    • Hi Sandy! So happy you’re liking the designs! I’d love to make one for Lauren. The peplum on the site has sold but I am working on more as we speak. I can verify that Cat hasn’t ordered the same one :).

      I’ll send you an email and we’ll chat! Thanks so much!


      P.S. These comments are public so you may want to delete it so neither of them see in case they check the site! Just a thought!

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