The Good Times Aren’t Killing Me

GoodTimesCoverI don’t know where to start – The Good Times Fashion Issue has got me psyched on all fronts.

The Penny Rose (the blog I write for) is featured as the cover story. It’s a great piece on the status of fashion in Santa Cruz, why the blog was created, and what has come out of it.  The article is also filled with gorgeous photos by Nick Chao from our recent Spring/Summer photo shoot.

Scroll down in the article and you’ll find a piece on Sally Esposito Designs. Many thanks to Stripe Design Group for supporting my designs and selling my clothes, and most of all for being an awesome group of gals to work with.  Also, thanks and kudos to Christa Martin from The Penny Rose for creating this amazing  community and letting us all play out our crazy fashion ideas in word and photo form. You’ve created something much bigger than just a blog.

On with it! Read the article here!

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