Bow ties for the boys

In addition to clutches, I’ve been making a ton of one-of-a kind bow ties. You boys better start brushing up on your bow tie tying skills! Check out a great tutorial on how to tie a bow tie here.

African wax print fabric adjustable bow tie. $26.


And gals, you can coordinate…


African wax print clutch. $24-28.

A reminder for those times when we get lost in the music/colors/endless racks of clothes


If you must shop there
For rompers and belts and tops
Think of bloody sweat

A dress for ten bucks!
Is the industrial plea
For you to forget

That shit is heinous
Fits you weird and won’t stay nice
Rips in the laundry

Fast fashion feels gross
It’s not high and it’s not low
It’s just middlebrow

By: Kate Carraway

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere…

I’ve just picked out a fresh batch of brightly colored fabric to make spring dresses. Take a look and let me know what you think – what you like/dislike/passionately love or hate.

If you do spot a particular fabric you love, email me ( and we can make a bespoke, custom dress perfectly fit for you. But keep in mind the sooner the better – these sheets of fabric will soon be made into ready-to-wear dresses (that may not be your size!).

Additionally, I’ll be introducing a new style of dress into this season’s collection. Think fitted bodice and flared bottom.