DIY clutch for make-up, travel, accessories, etc.

I honestly feel like you can never have too many bags – there always seems to be some item around that benefits from being put into one. And so, I present you with a simple tutorial for making one of the most useful bags around – the clutch. Once you’ve mastered this, the possibilities for bag sizes, colors, and designs are endless.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Plus, I’d love to see how your handmade clutch turns out, so send over a picture for the site! Enjoy!

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four


Copycat DIY: Lauren Moffatt

A few months ago, I fell head over heels for Lauren Moffatt‘s awesome Miss Lonelyheart’s Stripe Top in navy and cream. All her designs are amazing (she is one of my favorite designers), but I could not get this one striped shirt out of my head. I really wanted it. Or better yet, I really wanted to make it. And so I did.

Left: Lauren Moffatt Miss Lonelyhearts Stripe Top Right: DIY

How’d I do it?

I was able to find Japanese 100% cotton fabric at our local fabric store. For the pattern, I started with this easy McCall’s dress pattern and altered the neck, sleeves, and hemline. Before cutting into my two yards of precious Japanese fabric (which I used almost the entire amount of due to the way the stripes ran on the fabric), I made a muslin prototype so I could tweak it wherever I needed to. Once I worked out the kinks, I got down to cutting, sewing, and serging. A couple hours later, I had my shirt!

DIY Shirt Detail

The original top is sold out on Lauren Moffatt’s website, though some retailers may still have them in stock. They also released a similar style in red.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery – hats off to you Ms. Moffatt!

Photos by Kristin Jones Heitzler

Did I just knock off my own dress?

Yes, kinda.

A couple months ago I made this dress:

The Dreamer’s Dress

Well, I just love that orange color and had some left over, so I decided to reconstruct a recent thrift store find.

Before (Just ignore the purple marks. It wasn’t until after I started marking it up that I realized I should take a “before” picture. Oops!)..

And after! Easy peasy!

Here’s the dress on:

Which one you like better?

From Muumuu to New Do

I love me some thrift store shopping. From shoes to clothes to most recently a windsurfing sail (to make bags out of, duh!), thrift stores are the way to go for really bringing character to your wardrobe. One thing that all thrift stores seem to have plenty of are muumuus. These big, comfy, loose house dresses are cool in their own right since they’re usually made with awesome colorful prints and are perfect for lounging around at home for the day (key word AT HOME).

I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could take these sweet dresses from the couch to the cafe? From the vacuum party to the dinner party? From the bedroom to the boardroom? (Just kidding, you could never wear the dress I’m about to show you to a boardroom. You get the idea though). So, I picked up this very nice, very bright, very clean, but very wide house dress at the Goodwill last week. $2.

I love love love the colors and print, but the shape was not happening for me. So, after a thorough wash, I got to cutting. I first took in the sides, then created a casing on the inside for the elastic to slip into. Once that was done, I took out some of the extra fabric from the back top by taking in the excess. There you have it!

Now I have a perfect dress from my trip to Spain and France (or Spance as it’s officially known). I see many reconstructed muumuu’s in my future…