The Penny Rose

I recently was interviewed by writer Christa Martin. She’s awesome and her blog is really great for insight into beauty products, trends, and fashion. Her scope of coverage extends beyond Santa Cruz and includes San Francisco and New York, which is the perfect way for a local Santa Cruzian to feel connected to the bigger picture.

Check out the post here!

Also, two new dresses, yah!

The Dreamer’s Dress…

Silk Cotton Blend. Size 4.

Inside lining

Silk Cotton Blend. Fully Lined.

And yes, I’ve renamed it again. Introducing The Drafter’s Dress (brass zipper and all!)

Vintage Fabric with Cotton Lining. Size 6.

Inside lining

Sky blue lining with french blueprint detail.

Sailing along

The Dreamer's Dress

The devil is in the details

So, I’m about three steps away from finishing this dress (zipper, inside lining, hem) AND I’m torn on what type of zipper to use, brass or full black. The brass zipper has kinda been one of the signature traits of my dresses, but this one has other fun details (like print on the shoulders).

What’s your pick?? Which do you think works better?

Here’s the front of the dress:

Brass Zipper (I promise everything will be straight when I actually sew it in)

Black Zipper (Again, I swear, straight!)

What it takes to produce one Chanel jacket

An insightful video into the detailed process for making one Chanel jacket. It’s great to share the full garment creation process with the world, from fitting to measuring to cutting and hand sewing. It is a tedious process for sure that demands focused attention and dedicated time. I have to admit though, I’m still not 100% convinced Chanel still makes each jacket by hand. Then again, at $1500 a pop, they better be!

It’s the time of the season….

For my one woman sweatshop to get back in gear! Check out my first dress for spring. The material is one of a kind vintage. Super soft and lightweight. I love the bright blue/purple color. This dress strikes me as the perfect traveling companion. Easy to throw on, casual enough for day, but unique enough to dress up for dinner.

The bottom still needs to be hemmed but I thought I would share with all of you now!

Woodblock print art by Jen Lape