Perfectly Poised

Sally Esposito Peplum

Model Anna Wu in The Doctor’s Peplum. One-of-a-kind vintage linen peplum, $118. I am currently producing a limited run in various sizes, each with their own slight design tweak. Look for it in Stripe in the coming weeks or contact me for a custom order.

Photo by Nick Chao

Side Project Saturday

Some of you may remember the Free People skirt I copied in December 2011 (below). Free People was selling it for $128. I decided to make it myself given the design was incredibly simple. So, $15 in materials and 20 minutes later, voila. Fun stuff!

Free People/Handmade

Anyways, I started making some red cigarette pants yesterday (another side project—does that mean this is actually a side SIDE project? I think yes), and I spotted a bunch of that white rose fabric I’d used for the skirt that I forgotten about. So, I put the red pants aside and decided to make this shirt!

What do you think? Do you like the skirt or shirt better?

Or, are you more like Shell belle who was bored by it all and decided to nap in the overgrown asparagus?