I must be crazy: I made my own wedding dress

A few weeks ago, I married my partner of six years in sunny Santa Cruz, California on the meadow by our house. Despite the excessive planning and intense organization that is required for a DIY wedding, we managed to pull off an incredible night with the help of our family and friends.

A month before the wedding, I decided to make my own wedding (see photos below). It wasn’t easy, and it involved many sleepless nights and mulling over details, but somehow it all came together.

You can read about how and why I made my own wedding dress (and the “joys” that come with doing that) here.

For all you lovers and dreamers out there, check out our lovely wedding video by the talented Deva B. Anderson.

Photos by Mama-T, mama-t.com
Flowers by The Flower Ladies, http://www.theflowerladies.com
Hair by Missy Schnaps
Makeup by Anna Wu

Free wheelin

Look-y here! I made a couple skirts.


Vintage ivory crocheted material (thanks mom!) sewn at waist over a vintage slip. I’m thinking this will go perfectly with some tan boots for cool summer nights.


Sherberty. This one is made from a really cool thickly woven material I picked up at Hart’s fabric. I think it’s supposed to be used to make a dish towel but it is definitely way too cool to restrict to a kitchen.