Did I just knock off my own dress?

Yes, kinda.

A couple months ago I made this dress:

The Dreamer’s Dress

Well, I just love that orange color and had some left over, so I decided to reconstruct a recent thrift store find.

Before (Just ignore the purple marks. It wasn’t until after I started marking it up that I realized I should take a “before” picture. Oops!)..

And after! Easy peasy!

Here’s the dress on:

Which one you like better?

From Muumuu to New Do

I love me some thrift store shopping. From shoes to clothes to most recently a windsurfing sail (to make bags out of, duh!), thrift stores are the way to go for really bringing character to your wardrobe. One thing that all thrift stores seem to have plenty of are muumuus. These big, comfy, loose house dresses are cool in their own right since they’re usually made with awesome colorful prints and are perfect for lounging around at home for the day (key word AT HOME).

I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could take these sweet dresses from the couch to the cafe? From the vacuum party to the dinner party? From the bedroom to the boardroom? (Just kidding, you could never wear the dress I’m about to show you to a boardroom. You get the idea though). So, I picked up this very nice, very bright, very clean, but very wide house dress at the Goodwill last week. $2.

I love love love the colors and print, but the shape was not happening for me. So, after a thorough wash, I got to cutting. I first took in the sides, then created a casing on the inside for the elastic to slip into. Once that was done, I took out some of the extra fabric from the back top by taking in the excess. There you have it!

Now I have a perfect dress from my trip to Spain and France (or Spance as it’s officially known). I see many reconstructed muumuu’s in my future…

Side Project Saturday

Some of you may remember the Free People skirt I copied in December 2011 (below). Free People was selling it for $128. I decided to make it myself given the design was incredibly simple. So, $15 in materials and 20 minutes later, voila. Fun stuff!

Free People/Handmade

Anyways, I started making some red cigarette pants yesterday (another side project—does that mean this is actually a side SIDE project? I think yes), and I spotted a bunch of that white rose fabric I’d used for the skirt that I forgotten about. So, I put the red pants aside and decided to make this shirt!

What do you think? Do you like the skirt or shirt better?

Or, are you more like Shell belle who was bored by it all and decided to nap in the overgrown asparagus?

Super Duper Dinosaur Psyched: Santa Cruz Sentinel Article

I was very excited this morning to see an article about my clothes in the Santa Cruz Sentinel! It’s great to see handmade clothing getting exposure and attention. I feel like it’s a lost art, and/or skill, that is slowly making a comeback and I am proud to be a part of that. You can read the full article at the Sentinel website.

Thanks for reading and supporting handmade clothing!

P.S. It’s my mom’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

The Penny Rose

I recently was interviewed by writer Christa Martin. She’s awesome and her blog is really great for insight into beauty products, trends, and fashion. Her scope of coverage extends beyond Santa Cruz and includes San Francisco and New York, which is the perfect way for a local Santa Cruzian to feel connected to the bigger picture.

Check out the post here!

Also, two new dresses, yah!

The Dreamer’s Dress…

Silk Cotton Blend. Size 4.

Inside lining

Silk Cotton Blend. Fully Lined.

And yes, I’ve renamed it again. Introducing The Drafter’s Dress (brass zipper and all!)

Vintage Fabric with Cotton Lining. Size 6.

Inside lining

Sky blue lining with french blueprint detail.

Sailing along

The Dreamer's Dress