Loungewear for life


This one-of-a-kind, uber glamorous kimono is perfect for over your bathing suit when lounging by the pool or beach sipping tropical drinks and reading your favorite magazines. Throw it over a bodycon dres for dinner and you are set. You’ll never want to take it off.

Hand sewn with vintage cotton fabric and vintage trim on sleeves. Gold sequins down center back. One size fits most. Available for sale here.





Peplum love




This awesome linen vintage fabric was given to me by the lovely ladies at Stripe in Santa Cruz. Luckily there is a ton more fabric, so custom peplums are available. Each peplum can be lined in a silk or a silk cotton blend (we can work together to choose the color). Starting at $118. Please email sallyesposito@gmail.com. Thanks!

Put the izzy in busy

Jeesh life’s been nonstop this summer/spring/ALL THE TIME. Luckily much of that recent busyness has been filled with camping trips, city adventures, thrift store bouts, long beach days, and many mai tais. Unfortunately, it’s also been filled with intense work obligations and not enough sewing time. Sigh.

Somehow, I did manage to get one item done (and about six dresses half way done).

Introducing….the Koala Shirt!

Koala Shirt Front

Koala Shirt Back

Koala close up

The front is a vintage (never used) tea towel, 100% linen from Ireland. The back is an organic off-white cotton with a vintage blue zipper.

Waist: 30″
Hips: 42″
From Neck to Waist: 15″

I think this shirt would look great with a pencil skirt or fitted shorts. Out of all the stuff I’ve made, this one seems to me the most like something you’d find in an Anthropologie catalogue.

However, unlike Anthropologie, this item is truly one-of-a-kind. Enjoy!

From Muumuu to New Do

I love me some thrift store shopping. From shoes to clothes to most recently a windsurfing sail (to make bags out of, duh!), thrift stores are the way to go for really bringing character to your wardrobe. One thing that all thrift stores seem to have plenty of are muumuus. These big, comfy, loose house dresses are cool in their own right since they’re usually made with awesome colorful prints and are perfect for lounging around at home for the day (key word AT HOME).

I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you could take these sweet dresses from the couch to the cafe? From the vacuum party to the dinner party? From the bedroom to the boardroom? (Just kidding, you could never wear the dress I’m about to show you to a boardroom. You get the idea though). So, I picked up this very nice, very bright, very clean, but very wide house dress at the Goodwill last week. $2.

I love love love the colors and print, but the shape was not happening for me. So, after a thorough wash, I got to cutting. I first took in the sides, then created a casing on the inside for the elastic to slip into. Once that was done, I took out some of the extra fabric from the back top by taking in the excess. There you have it!

Now I have a perfect dress from my trip to Spain and France (or Spance as it’s officially known). I see many reconstructed muumuu’s in my future…

It’s the time of the season….

For my one woman sweatshop to get back in gear! Check out my first dress for spring. The material is one of a kind vintage. Super soft and lightweight. I love the bright blue/purple color. This dress strikes me as the perfect traveling companion. Easy to throw on, casual enough for day, but unique enough to dress up for dinner.

The bottom still needs to be hemmed but I thought I would share with all of you now!

Woodblock print art by Jen Lape